At the Ugly Mug

Alanoty Krönsteyn and friends once again spend the night at the Ugly Mug,
their favorite pub, discussing modern art.
‘Now my dear friends, let us share our thoughts on the myth of originality.’

‘Create, don’t copy. This is what every Russian schoolboy knows.’

‘Copy cats, unless they are art.’

‘Well, copy-art is a known form of art.’

‘Oui, chaque artiste peut copier, sauf s’il s’agit d’art.’

‘Create anything but art.’

‘I just love butt-art.’

‘Distrust all maxims.’

‘And art experts as well.’

‘All spectators must be flabbergasted.’

‘Who cares about spectators? Let us invent ourselves again and again.’

‘Just do.’

‘Do unless you don’t.’

‘Do while you don’t.’

‘Waitress, bring more absinth!’