That is all I have to say.
You may think so, as thoughts are said to be free.
But today I wanna show you something else.
The speed of deterioration of any natural or artificial creation is perplexing.
Quite some years ago I used to colour my drawings with cheap markers and one day I noticed, that the brilliancy even during the work already vanished.
Nowadays I do al lot of creating in Photoshop and guess what? Just have a look at the two drawings below. Can you believe the state of the one on the right was reached within a quarter of an hour after I had finished the one on the left? Yet it is the truth.


Quite shocking, right?

So always work on a scientific healthy base or try to distract Shiva.
In case you are not yet convinced, that the above mentioned observation of quick deterioration may occur that often, I will show you one more example. To the left once again an original portrait, to the right what became of the model after a short period of time. Matter and mind prove to be vulnerable, as soon as time monopolizes the attention.