‘So this is supposed to depict me?’

‘Oh no, it shows the aftermath of you posing and exposing.’





Now for those, who wonder where the artist grabbed his inspiration from:
he recovered a drawing in a sketchbook from the year 1982. It is on the left.


Let us now answer another question that is haunting many.
Who taught the artist all of his skills?
Well, as you may guess, it was a teacher and more than that, one might add, a genius, though he lost his green hair when he was quite young and some psychologists speculate, this early loss of his unique hair was the cause of his unpredictable and often rude behaviour in the days he was still a teacher of the arts. In his appartment he kept three dogs, a frog and an alligator.
Unfortunately he quit his job to join the red army of Mao Zedong as a volunteer. There is at least one selfportrait that he made during the years of his military career.

You can have a sneak peek at it, but do suppress the feeling, you got lost in a peepshow. As you can observe, the communist worldview had a beneficial effect on the health of his lost hair. It came back, albeit not too luxuriant. But as the saying goes: it is the unexpected that always happens.