‘Indepth scientific  research on several correlations between mood and creativity reveals that people are most creative when they just have bought a new hat. The mere act of spending money results in a positive mood. Mental illnesses, severe depressions or schizophrenia on the other hand usually tend to decrease creativity.

So every artist should at least tame his or her amygdala to prevent nasty brain disorders that disrupt the process.
As a young person everyone aspiring to achieve higher goals in art therefore should consider decreasing the use of potions that can alter the state of mind and diminish the full control over brush and cisel, especially when working from dusk till dawn, as the fate of poor caveman Plato and his silent lamb has proven,’ recommends Venice van Mekkeren. The examples of art shown here, do present a striking proof of that.
As you will notice, the young artist who spent several nights to cut his innate ideas from the rough block, keeps improving the same old story over and over again, never getting tired or fearing the critics, saying he repeats but himself. This attitude is praiseworthy. It should be a leading star for elder people, who are stuck in muddy memories and automutilation in their approach of the arts in general.

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